Prodigio C40


  • 22000 $249.00
  • Save $2900

BRAND NEW: The most innovative product to be launched in 2016 for anti-ageing skin care. An exceptional, intensive 30 day treatment kit. 

The innovation of the exclusive Pearls of Collagen Yarn combined with the extraordinary Serum Vitality Thruster to combat the signs of ageing and stress, thanks to its antioxidant action.  This is a two phase treatment.

Shock Phase: For the first 5 days of treatment, dissolve the collagen pearl with some of the serum and apply to face, neck and décolleté.
Progressive Phase: For the next 25 days apply (once a day) a 4-5 drops  of serum to face, neck and décolleté.  Shake before use. 

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